May 14 Illustrators' Exhibition in Saarbrücken


 © Piret Raud


My illustrations will be exhibited in K4 Galerie in Saarbrücken (Germany) together with pictures by 19 artists from 9 countries. The artist are:
Roberto Innocenti,
Marije Tolman,
Elena Odriozola,
Krisztina Rényi,
Anna Obón,
Silvia Bonanni, 
Cecilia Bustos,
Colin Alexander Kaesekamp,
Olga Ilyushchanka,
Daniela Kulot,
Silvia Gonźalez,
Hannes Binder,
Nathalie Nierengarten,
Boglárka Paulovkin,
Kinga Rofusz,
Monica Solsona,
Katalin Szegedi and
Dieter Wiesmüller.
And me.
The exhibition will be open from the 28th of May untill the 12th of June. K4 Galerie has organized it in co-operation with Europäische Kinder- und Jugendbuchmesse Saarbrücken (The European Children's Book Fair in Saarbrücken).

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